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Air Bag Safety – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Parents for Safer Airbags

How Airbags Deploy

Safety Advisory: NHTSA Alerting Consumers to Dangers of Counterfeit Air Bags

Takata Airbags

Takata Air Bags Recalls Vehicles Affected –

Takata Air Bag FAQ –

Everything You Need to Know About the Takata Airbag Recall – Everything You Need to Know with timeline – Consumer Reports

Takata Air Bag Recalls – Everything You Need To Know – Car & Driver Magazine

Recall Notices

NHTSA Recall Campaigns – Search NHTSA Recall Campaigns, Technical Service Bulletins, Defect Investigations, and Consumer Complaints from one starting point concerning child seats, tires, equipment, or vehicles. – Recall Notices and Technical Safety Bulletins

Tests & Simulators

Test your reaction time – See if you can stop in time to avoid rear ending the car in front of you.

Test your reaction time – Would you like to estimate how fast you can drive safely on the highway?

National Driver’s Test – When’s the last time you took a written drivers test? When you were 16? How do you think you’d score if you took it again today? Are you smarter than the average driver? Take the test yourself, and see if you pass with flying colors, or if you could use a little brushing up. Then compare your scores to the national average and challenge a friend to beat your score!

Traffic Light System – Would you like to engineer the traffic light system for a one-way street that consists of several lanes along which rush-hour traffic flows?  How would you time the onset of green lights at the various intersections?

Traffic Simulator

Vehicle Safety

Vehicle History Reports –  Find out if the defendant’s car had a defective condition which could have contributed to the accident or if the plaintiff’s car was purchased with undisclosed major accident damage.

Buy a Safer Car, Truck, Van or SUV (sport utility vehicle) by NHTSA

Crashworthiness Evaluations by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety – Cash test evaluations for all cars;  Allows you to compare crash test results from 2 different vehicles.

How Safe Is Your Driver’s Seat? Are you sitting in the driver’s seat properly?

Safety Ratings check the safety rating of vehicles at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Tire Safety

NHTSA tire rating including tires for passenger cars, minivans, SUVs and light pickup trucks

Understanding the Uniform Tire Quality Grading System – Tirerack

Evaluation of the Uniform Tire Quality Grading Standards and Other Tire Labeling Requirements – NHTSA 

Uniform Tire Quality Grading System Database Lookup – NHTSA

Tire Care & Safety – from the Rubber Manufacturers Association

Road Safety

The Most Dangerous Intersections Near You

Dangerous Roads – Find out the number of fatal accidents on local roads in your county. – TranSafety, Inc., a source of information on road safety, management, and litigation.

Driver Safety Organizations

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety – Highway Loss Data Institute

National Motorists Association – Information & benefits for motorists. Founded in 1982, the National Motorists Association advocates, represents, and protects the interests of North American motorists.  This is the organization that promoted federal legislation which eliminated the 55 mph National Maximum Speed Limit.

NCSA – National Center for Statistics and Analysis provides analysis and statistics to NHTSA by data collection, analysis, and crash investigation activities.

NYS DMV Statistics

NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Vehicle Research and Test Center (VRTC) 

OHPI – Office of Highway Policy Information – repository of highway information and statistics.

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