Construction & Workplace Accidents

Workplace Accidents

The 10 most dangerous jobs
Occupation Fatalities per 100,000
Timber cutters 117.8
Fishers 71.1
Pilots and navigators 69.8
Structural metal workers 58.2
Drivers-sales workers 37.9
Roofers 37
Electrical power installers 32.5
Farm occupations 28
Construction laborers 27.7
Truck drivers 25

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics; survey of occupations with minimum 30 fatalities and 45,000 workers in 2002

On-the-job killers
Type of incident 2002 deaths
Aircraft accidents 192
Caught in running equipment 110
Drowning 60
Electrocution 289
Exposure to substances 98
Falls from ladder 126
Falls from roof 143
Fires/explosions 165
Highway collisions 635
Assaults/violence 840
Jackknifed or overturned truck 312
Overturned farm/industrial equipment 164
Struck by falling/flying object 506
Struck by vehicle 356
Suicides 199

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