Knee Injury & Treatment

Knee Anatomy

Knee Joint Anatomy, Function and Problems – for patients, a comprehensive guide of the knee.

drawing showing Normal Knee Anatomy Without Injury

Front View of the Right Knee in Flexion (knee bending)

Anatomical drawing of Front View of the Right Knee in Flexion

Posterior (from behind) View of the Right Knee in Extension (leg extending straight)
Anatomical drawing of Posterior Right Knee in Extension

Knee Anatomy Animated Video Tutorial

Interactive Knee DVD or online by Primal Pictures shows the knee at various depths in various types of images such as 3d Model Mode; Topic Mode with views for Anatomy, Surgery, Biomechanics & Radiology; and MRI Mode; rotate at any point and peel away layers of anatomy from skin through to bone. Clicking on any features or structures within the model brings up extensive anatomy, clinical and pathology text supported by hundreds of color diagrams, videos and slides such as a video which shows a doctor conducting a McMurray’s test. The view or video is on the left side of the screen with corresponding text on the subject, on the right. Everything is interactive and changes to correlate with the word you click on. This is a fabulous program for the medical professional or personal injury attorney. I highly recommend this software. Primal Pictures, Ltd can be reached at 1-800-716-2475.

Knee Injuries

Knee Problems Questions and answers about many different types of the problems   

Examination of the Knee Joint

Diagnosing Knee Pain – Part 1 | Diagnosing Knee Pain – Part 2

Diagnosing Knee Pain – FamilyDoctor

Self diagnosis symptom checker

A Patient’s Guide to Knee Injuries

ACL tear (anterior cruciate ligament) Did you have an ACL tear and during activity does your knee still give way or give out from under you (also called pivot shift)? The answer was recently discovered!  A new ligament in the knee was discovered and is called the anterolateral ligament (ALL).  If you still have problems after surgery for repair of the ACL anterior cruciate ligament, you probably also injured the anterolateral ligament (ALL).

drawing showing tear of the ACL ACL Anterior Cruciate Lligament

drawing showing Posterior Cruciate Ligament tear

Anatomical drawing showing Medial Collateral Ligament Tear

Dislocated knee cap and meniscus injury

Diagnosing a Meniscus Tear – ChiroWeb

Meniscus Tear – A good anatomical drawing of the knee and arthroscopic views of the knee at

drawing showing Meniscus Tear & Surgical Repair

Understanding Meniscal Injuries

Bucket handle tear of medial meniscus

Plica Syndrome

Patient’s Guide to Plica Syndrome

Popliteal cyst (also known as Baker’s cyst) – causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of a Popliteal cyst.

Acute knee Joint Effusion – Also called “water on the knee”, joint effusion is swelling of the knee and is always indicative of a lesion of the joint. When aspirated, the color, viscosity, protein content, and cellularity of the fluid make it possible to determine whether the condition is mechanical or inflammatory. This article discusses the anatomy, physical examination and injuries.

Knee Joint Aspiration and Injection

Knee Joint Effusion and Cryotherapy Alter Lower Chain Kinetics and Muscle Activity

Chondral Injuries Of the KneeA Contemporary View of Cartilage Restoration

Patella Chondromalacia

Chondromalacia Patella – Lahey Clinic

Arthroscopic Surgical Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction

The MI-EYE in office arthroscope can replace or eliminate MRI

Bionicare O-Active knee brace – Total Knee Replacement alternative uses a brace with electrical stimulation to repair knee osteoarthritis.


Knee Replacement for Women Women and men have different shape and size knees.  Most knee replacements are not made specifically for a women’s knee. The Zimmer® Gender Solutions™ Knee matches a women’s shape and size with three distinct differences from other knee replacements providing a better fit, higher flexion, and more natural movement a woman’s knee.

Anatomical drawing of arthritic knee

Anatomical drawing showing stages of knee osteoarthritis

PARTIAL KNEE REPLACEMENT also known as unicompartmental knee arthroplasty or minimally invasive knee surgery.

Partial Knee Replacement Animation Video 


Synvisc injection A lubricating substance for osteoarthritis in the knee without surgery. Their website states: Synvisc-One® (hylan G-F 20) is the only treatment that can deliver up to 6 months of osteoarthritis (OA) knee pain relief with just one injection.

OrthoviscA lubricating substance for osteoarthritis in the knee without surgery. Their website states: “ORTHOVISC® (High Molecular Weight Hyaluronan) is the only FDA-approved treatment made from ultra-pure hyaluronan, a naturally occurring lubricant found in healthy knee joints. This knee pain injection is also the only treatment providing up to six months of pain relief that does not come from
sources. This means that ORTHOVISC® will not cause an allergic reaction if you suffer from avian allergies.”


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