NYPD Police Abbreviations

These abbreviations are used by NYPD but some of these abbreviations are also used by other police departments.

New York Police Department (NYPD) Abbreviations (a few of many)

APS: Auxiliary Police Section
APSU: Auxiliary Police Support Unit (Rescue. Aux. ESU)
A/T/T: At This Time
C/O: Corner of
CO: Commanding Officer
C/S/O: Cross streets off
EDP: Emotionally Disturbed Person
ESU: Emergency Service Unit
HU: Housing Unit
I/F/O: In front of
IDTU: Intoxicated Driver Testing Unit
MOS: Member of the Service (a police officer)
PBBN: Patrol Borough Brooklyn North
PBBS: Patrol Borough Brooklyn South
PBBX: Patrol Borough Bronx
PBMN: Patrol Borough Manhattan North
PBMS: Patrol Borough Manhattan South
PBQN: Patrol Borough Queens North
PBQS: Patrol Borough Queens South
PBSI: Patrol Borough Staten Island
PCT: Precinct
PED: Parking Enforcement District (Can be also an abbreviation for PEDESTRIAN )
REP: Radio Emergency Patrol ( Smaller ESU Truck)
RMA: Refused Medical Assistance
RMP: Radio Motor Patrol Car (a lot of people find this page searching for “r and p”. Now you know it’s RMP!)
R/O: Rear of
STU: Special Task Unit (Auxiliary)
TD: Transit District
THV: Temporary Headquarters Vehicle
T/P/O: Time and Place of Occurrence
XO: Executive Officer

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