NYPD Abbreviations

New York Police Department (NYPD) Abbreviations (a few of many):

APS: Auxiliary Police Section
APSU: Auxiliary Police Support Unit (Rescue. Aux. ESU)
A/T/T: At This Time
C/O: Corner of
CO: Commanding Officer
C/S/O: Cross streets off
EDP: Emotionally Disturbed Person
ESU: Emergency Service Unit
HU: Housing Unit
I/F/O: In front of
IDTU: Intoxicated Driver Testing Unit
MOS: Member of the Service R/O: Rear of
PBBN: Patrol Borough Brooklyn North
PBBS: Patrol Borough Brooklyn South
PBBX: Patrol Borough Bronx
PBMN: Patrol Borough Manhattan North
PBMS: Patrol Borough Manhattan South
PBQN: Patrol Borough Queens North
PBQS: Patrol Borough Queens South
PBSI: Patrol Borough Staten Island
PCT: Precinct
PED: Parking Enforcement District ( Can be also abbreviation for: PEDESTRIAN )
REP: Radio Emergency Patrol ( Smaller ESU Truck)
RMA: Refused Medical Assistance
RMP: Radio Motor Patrol Car
STU: Special Task Unit (Auxiliary)
TD: Transit District
THV: Temporary Headquarters Vehicle
T/P/O: Time and Place of Occurrence
XO: Executive Officer