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Is your settlement taxable or tax-exempt? Settlements and jury verdict awards for emotional distress may be taxable. Lost income is taxable if the lawsuit is employment-related such as for unlawful discrimination or involuntary termination. What’s in your release? If your release is silent on these issues, the IRS may make the decisions. Before taking your case to verdict, be aware that the jury will allocate your award for each type of damage, without consideration of taxes.

Advantages and disadvantages of structured settlements

Advantages and disadvantages of annuities in structured settlements

Use this personal injury settlement calculator to see how much you should receive after legal fees from a personal injury settlement.

Tax Implications

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Avoiding Penalties When Reporting Damage Awards and Settlements – Four steps CPAs can take. This article cites Banks, II, 125 SCt 826 (2005) where the Supreme Court held that attorneys’ fees paid to an injured party’s attorney also may be reportable as taxable income to the injured party. But this article Misassigning Income: The Supreme Court and Attorneys’ Fees by Georgetown University Law Center seems to indicate that the problem was legislated away.

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Only Two Major Rulings

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Taxation of Contingent Fee Awards  

Taxation of Contingent Legal Fees on Settlements or Awards  

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Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit loans are really not loans. That’s why the companies that “loan” money to plaintiffs in accident cases are able to charge such high rates of interest. If it was a loan, the interest rate would be usurious (usury) which is illegal. What makes these “loans” legal is that they are an investment in your case. This is called non-recourse funding. The company “loaning” you the money is investing in your case because if you lose your case, if you don’t have to pay the money back. If it was a loan, you would have to pay the money back.

Use this lawsuit loan calculator to see what a lawsuit loan will cost you and to compare two different lawsuit loans.

Ethics Opinions Regarding Non-Recourse Funding – A list of opinions in most states concerning money provided to plaintiffs in personal injury cases.