List of Personal Injury Case Management Software

Everything always changes and the practice of law is no different.  If you don’t use practice management software, you simply can’t be competitive any more.  Below is a list of the personal injury case management software that I know about.  If I’m missing any, please let me know.

A little about Phil Franckel: I have been using personal injury case management software in my own personal injury practice since 1992.  I currently have over 200 websites which I built and maintain.  I have more experience than I would like de-hacking phishing files from websites and I have designed my own software including personal injury lead capture software and software for the mortgage industry.

If you practice exclusively personal injury, buy software made exclusively for personal injury. Review the Checklist for personal injury case management software for a comprehensive list of features but the first four and probably most important to look at is:

  1. Easy and quick to create and save template documents;
  2. Number of merge codes available;
  3. Easy to learn how to use, easy to use, easy and quick to enter information;

Tip: Before you buy, get a demo showing how to create a template document for a letter to an insurance company sending authorizations listing each of the hospitals; doctors; and employer in the body of the letter. Look at various templates to create forms and legal documents you usually create. Does it allow PDF templates to fill in PDF forms like an accident report? See if there are enough merge codes available to enter everything you need in the documents (you shouldn’t have to enter any information when generating a document for your case). Watch a demo of how the template document is created and saved in the system. If it’s not real simple to create and save template documents, you won’t use them.

Tip: Even if you use personal injury software in the cloud, backup your data 1) to your office and 2) online to a HIPAA compliant backup service with versioning (We use Cloud software providers can lose your, delete your data, or go out of business. This is taken from one cloud software provider: “You agree and acknowledge that ___ has no obligation to retain Customer Data and that such Customer Data may be irretrievably deleted if your account is 30 days or more delinquent.”

My pick: Only SmartAdvocate® has everything you can want and nothing I don’t like. I have been using SmartAdvocate since 2013. It’s easy to learn how to use; easy to use; customer service is impeccable; and it keeps gets better.


seal of approval logo  SmartAdvocate® – After a year of looking at software, I purchased SmartAdvocate®. SmartAdvocate® does much more than any of the other software I looked at and is much easier to use. There’s too much to mention on this page so read my SmartAdvocate review.  SmartAdvocate® is the personal injury case management software created by Jerrold Parker for his own national personal injury and mass tort law firm, Parker|Waichman LLP, with 120 employees in their 28,000 square ft law office.

IT Staff – I maintain my system, but one day when my network went down and I needed help, I called Michael Zucchi, CEO at The people at ZBRELLA are not only extremely knowledgeable but they provided over-the-top, immediate customer support to me even though I wasn’t a customer! ZBRELLA provides IT services for many law firms and is a SmartAdvocate® Partner. I highly recommend ZBRELLA. Call ZBRELLA now at (800)750-4296 (718)355-9155 One Penn Plaza, Suite 6222 New York, NY 10119.

Prevail – This looks like good personal injury case management software that’s easy to use. In fact, I was surprised at how much I liked it and was ready to buy it until I saw SmartAdvocate® which is also easy to use but has more features, NY data, and is prettier. I really liked that Prevail has their manuals available for download on their web site so you can get a good idea of the extent of their manuals, how it works, and its capabilities.  They also have a demo video. They showed me a demo of how to create template documents and it was extremely easy! Their software is either installed on a server or available in the cloud.  A 1-800-HURT-911 lawyer with 45 users dropped Client Profiles (now Aderant Total Office) because they were not happy with the customer support.  The law firm switched to Prevail and after 6 months said they are very happy with Prevail.  I believe Prevail is 32 bit and will run on a 64-bit computer.

*NY lawyers: Switching from SAGA to Prevail

Needles Case Management Software – Needles seems to be coming to an end in the same way SAGA came to an end and for me, the end was ugly (SAGA was merged into Aderant which sold me SAGA and they killed it 8 months later). Needles is 32-bit software which is what killed SAGA (the cost to remake in 64 bit was too expensive). The hedge fund that purchased TrialWorks has now purchased Needles – will it go the way of SAGA? As of 2018, there hasn’t been a meaningful update from Needles in well over a decade and Version 5 has been promised for about seven years. Needles is very sophisticated and will do everything you need but creating template documents is difficult and time-consuming and I’ve heard from other lawyers that’s it’s difficult to use. Needles has been around for a long time and is well known for great customer service and training, and that was definitely the impression I got from speaking with them on several occasions. You can request a demo CD or make arrangements for an in-person Needles demonstration or a demonstration via the Internet.  You can see the cost of Needles at price calculator.

TrialWorks – is personal injury case management software that is available as a hosted (cloud) version as well as a traditionally installed software on your own server.  I purchased Trialworks but after trying it for 3 days, I found that it didn’t have enough merge codes.  I was trying to create a template letter described in my tip above but could not find the merge codes I needed.  I called Trialworks and was told that I could copy and paste from one finished document to another.  I want my software to do everything and I’m not willing to copy and paste.  My current DOS software has enough merge codes for that letter, so I canceled my contract.  I like the ability to use a hosted version.  Their website says that it can be used with Mac, Linux, and, of course, Windows.  You can schedule a live online demo or download a functional demo.  Trialworks said their software in the cloud version is 64 bit.

Automon – I was told that Automon has most of SAGA (which was my favorite). I have not seen a demo of Automon so I don’t know what parts of SAGA it’s missing.  In any event, SAGA Windows had a very complicated process to create template documents.

Litify – Litify seems to be primarily a sales lead management and case intake platform probably for mass tort/personal injury since I was advised it was created by John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan. Litify says it will transform your law practice into a modern-day business with the ability to dictate consistent processes to be followed across the entire business with metrics at the tip of your fingers to measure the success of those processes.

LEX PI Personal injury case management and document assembly program.  LEXPI has been around for a long time and must have some satisfied customers.  I have not seen a demo of LEXPI.

cloudlex – Cloud-based personal injury case management software using Microsoft Azure and HIPAA-certified, designed exclusively for plaintiff trial lawyers. From Lexvia litigation support services offering overseas paralegals who work while you sleep.

PI Master has a small monthly fee.

Abacus Personal Injury

CasePeer – Case management software in the cloud for personal injury law firms.

Cosmolex – cloud-based law practice management software that integrates time tracking, billing, trust (IOLTA) accounting, calendaring, task & document management, all in one application. (Not personal injury management software)

Aderant Total Office DO NOT BUY!  This software has taken the place of SAGA Practice Manager and Client Profiles.  Aderant’s website gives almost no information about the software.  At the time I bought SAGA, I was aware that it was sold to Aderant because of the cost of converting it from 32 bit to 64 bit and I asked SAGA’s salesperson if Aderant was planning to do the conversion or kill the software.  I was assured that Aderant would convert it within 4-5 years and that they would never close down SAGA.  8 months after I paid for SAGA, Aderant sent me (and many other lawyers) an “End of Life” letter for SAGA.  They wanted to sell me Aderant Total Office.  Aderant gave me a demo of Aderant Total Office but they were not able to answer my questions about template document merge codes.  The demo was too brief for that and I have been told that they have a very limited number of merge codes and that Aderant Total Office doesn’t really do document assembly.  Aderant never responded to my calls and emails asking how much it will cost.  During one phone call, which I made and was probably answered accidentally, I was told they didn’t know how much they would charge SAGA users.  I found the company to be unresponsive, unreliable and I believe they ripped me off when they sold me SAGA.  I believe they knew they were ending it and I was told by industry insiders that they knew when they bought SAGA.  I do not trust Aderant and would never again buy anything they sell.  Additionally, a 1-800-HURT-911 lawyer with 35 users told me they dropped Client Profiles (which is now Aderant Total Office) because they need good customer support which they didn’t get from Aderant (No surprise!).  The law firm switched to Prevail and are now happy.

Client ProfilesNO LONGER SOLD (SAGA was bought by Client Profiles and Client Profiles was bought by Aderant and is now named Aderant Total Office) (See my review above for Aderant Total Office)

SAGA Practice Manager NO LONGER SOLD SAGA, one of the best personal injury case management software applications (especially for NY) in it’s day is now DEAD.  After spending approx $10,000 for SAGA, server software and computers only 8 months ago (I was still learning how to use it and haven’t generated even one case document), Aderant sent me a certified “End of Life” letter stating that they will no longer support SAGA as of April 2014.  Aderant is asking SAGA users to switch to Aderant Total Office but I strongly advise against it (See my review above for Aderant Total Office).

(SAGA was bought by Client Profiles which was bought by Aderant) Saga Practice Manager™ (for plaintiff or defense attorneys) was a case management & document assembly software package for lawyers practicing in all areas of law, including but not limited to Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, General Negligence, Litigation, Real Estate, Matrimonial, Business Transactions, Criminal, and Collections.  Saga Practice Manager™ was a sophisticated 32 bit windows application using the Microsoft SQL database engine and does almost everything except cook dinner.  It was being sold by Aderant (NO LONGER). 

Practice Management Software list at DMOZ


Action Step – Features Workflow, Matter Management, Document Assembly, Time Recording and Disbursements, Accounting, Trust Accounting, Integrated Email, Employee Management, Dashboards and Reports, Client Portal, and Calendars.

Amicus Attorney Their website says “Designed specifically for law firms” – I was wondering who else it could have been designed for! – law practice management software that has an interesting and smart pricing structure! charges $0.99 per case per month and provides monthly discounts after 50 cases. At a set price per case, instead of per user, the cost can be recouped as a chargeable expense to the client. Unfortunately, it has limited features for personal injury lawyers.

Clio Web-based Practice Management software in the cloud with a full suite of tools targeted specifically at the needs of sole practitioners and small firms.

FILEVINE – FILEVINE offers fully custom case management for law firms of all sizes. From collaborating on case files with your team to communicating with clients via texting, Filevine turns your practice into a powerhouse. Some are even reporting an increase in productivity of over 67%.

HiperSoft Practice Information Powertool Case Management software

HoudiniEsq case management software in the Cloud.  Manage your Legal Practice from anywhere. Our web-based product can be installed locally (On Premise) or you can sign up for a SaaS account.

LEAP – legal case and practice management system for New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts law firms.

MerusCase – Their site says “Save time and money by using Merus to automatically merge letters and documents from a case into Microsoft Word”, but doesn’t provide any information about creating template documents and what merge codes are available.  The lack of information about that implies to me that they have a very small number of merge codes which would create too much work when generating legal documents, letters and forms.

MyCase – Organize Cases and Matters, Shared Firm Calendars and Reminders, Tasks and To-Dos, Contact Management, Easy Legal Document Management and Assembly, Simple Time and Legal Billing Features, Accept Online Payments + free eChecks, Create Professional Invoices, Schedule Payment Plans

PracticePanther | Secure Law Practice Management Software for Lawyers

The Legal Assistant has separate modules for different practice areas including the Personal Injury Assistant module.  They have an inexpensive monthly rental agreement available.

Zola Suite



CaseWORTH CaseWORTH helps you manage the enormous quantity of financial information for personal injury, medical malpractice, social security, and worker’s compensation cases. Organize and track medical bills, medical records, insurance payments, and personal expenses such as lost income and potential future earnings.

Stedman’s Legal Med Ware is a Medical Legal Case Management, Litigation Software product especially designed for Medical Legal Chronologies and Graphic Timelines with the time-saving addition of a Comprehensive Stedman’s Medical Database for easy lookup/ interpretation of medical terms, ICD 9 codes, abbreviations and drugs. Not yet reviewed.

Lawyers Diary & Manual In a single, convenient edition – the most comprehensive, reliable, trusted reference for legal professionals.  For more than 100 years, the Lawyers Diary and Manual has been one of the most widely used sources of vital day-to-day information for attorneys and their office staff.  Researchers check not only the diverse public sources of information, but they also telephone to verify names, telephone, and fax numbers, addresses, filing fees, surcharges, court terms, motion schedules, and much more…so you will have the most reliable information at your fingertips.  Think how often you or your assistant dial information to get a phone number, and then call that number to ask for the fax number. Or how frequently someone has to stop and try to find a judge’s or court official’s first name so a proper letter can be sent. Those minutes add up – hours spent month by month. And they cost you money.  With the Lawyers Diary and Manual on your computer, an attorney in a typical law firm can look up information in seconds will save a minimum of 9-1/2 hours per year in lookup time. Multiply that by your hourly rate. More than $1,000 – maybe $2,000- right? You’ll save those hours – and that money – by investing about $1 per week in this indispensable reference.  This statement was copied from their web site.  I use the computer software version and agree 100%.  I use it all the time to look up phone numbers, addresses, and other information.  In fact, I used it 5 minutes before writing this.  It’s a necessity and well worth the price.  BUY IT NOW !

TimeMap  –  I always wanted software that can easily create a professional-looking timeline!  I create timelines of medical treatment whenever I mediate or arbitrate a case.  The judges always want to know what treatment was received and when.  In the past, I did a timeline on WordPerfect and included it in my mediation and arbitration binders, but I wanted software that made it easier to create and more professional looking.  I also wanted a more professional looking chart that can be used as a large exhibit.  Making timelines on WordPerfect has been a huge help at mediations and arbitrations, but now, I can do it easier and better.  Besides, medical treatment history timelines, TimeMap can also be used to create timelines to visualize an accident sequence or case history and more.  TimeMap makes it easy to create chronology visuals with “fact boxes” floating over a horizontal time scale.  See also, CaseMap below.  Call Jenee at 904-273-5000 ext. 247 and tell her that HURT911® referred you.  BUY IT NOW !

CaseMap  –  Casesoft, the makers of TimeMap also make CaseMap which makes it easy to organize and explore the facts, characters, and issues of a case.  CaseMap is integrated with TimeMap so the facts can be instantly charted on a timeline.  According to Casesoft, all 93 UNITED STATES ATTORNEYS’ OFFICES ARE STANDARDIZING ON CASEMAP AND TIMEMAP.  The USAO has purchased 15,000 CaseMap/TimeMap license sets.  Many other divisions of the US DOJ have also procured Enterprise Licenses, e.g., the Antitrust Division, the ENRD, and the Tax Division.  Order your free demo of TimeMap today and let me know what you think.  Call Jenee at 904-273-5000 ext. 247 and tell her that HURT911® referred you. 

OBJECTION! The Evidence Games  –  The incredibly entertaining and seriously educational evidence games for attorneys & the public aspiring to be attorneys, by Transmedia. Although it’s meant for attorneys, it’s easy for non-attorneys to understand and really easy to use.  If you like Court TV, you’ll love OBJECTION! Better trial experience than a trial!! The Objection! series also provides CLE credits for attorneys. There are 4 games available:  1) Objection! simulates a criminal trial. Beverly Hills heiress Sandra Stiff has been murdered and it is your job to keep your client out of the gas chamber by quickly recognizing objectionable questions and the basis for your objection. 2) Civil Objection! Autoneg is the same type of simulation as Objection! but with a civil twist. Your client has been injured in a nasty auto accident and you must use all of your trial skills to get her the best possible jury verdict. 3) Civil Objection! SlipFall is also a civil case where your client can’t seem to go anywhere without slipping, sliding or falling. It’s your job to get her the best possible settlement to ease her pain and suffering. Expert Witness! is also a trial simulation that enhances the quick recognition of objectionable statements, but it mainly focuses on the issues and procedures of expert witness testimony most critical to successful direct and cross examinations. These games are fantastic and they will send anyone a FREE version that is also fantastic (after you get hooked, you can buy the full version, which is inexpensive). You act as an attorney and must decide when to object and on what grounds. If you’re wrong (or right), the game will explain the law of evidence on the point. You get graded by giving the right answer and the amount of time you took to answer. If you take too long, the judge starts tapping on his watch. This is a fun, entertaining & educational game for attorneys and especially for all those aspiring attorneys who like to watch The practice or Court TV. BUY IT !

Primal Pictures seal of approval logo Software that specializes in 3-D computer graphics of human anatomy with color graphics that are remarkable for their clarity and precision.  I just received the Interactive Knee which is absolutely amazing.  It shows the knee at various depths in various types of images such as 3d Model Mode; Topic Mode with views for Anatomy, Surgery, Biomechanics & Radiology; and MRI Mode.  There are movies such as one which shows a doctor conducting a McMurray’s test. The view or movie is on the left side of the screen with corresponding text on the subject, on the right. Everything is interactive and changes to correlate with the word you click on. This is a fabulous program for the medical profession or the personal injury attorney. While it would be interesting for a layperson with a knee injury, it is easier to use with a basic understanding of the knee and would require the layperson to spend some time learning. I highly recommend this software.  Primal Pictures, Ltd can be reached at 1-800-716-2475. BUY IT !