Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Trends in Fatal Motorcycle Accidents – NHTSA National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration

Trends in Motorcycle Accidents – NHTSA National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration

Motorcyclist Deaths Surge 10% in 2015

Motorcycle Accident Fatality Facts – a substantial amount of fatal accident facts, charts and tables for all states.  This includes a lot of statistics concerning fatal motorcycle accidents.  Just choose your state.

Motorcyclist Traffic Fatalities by State

The HURT Study Findings of Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures (Two sources)

Study of motorcycle crashes – comprised 222 motorcycle crashes occurring on public roads in the Melbourne Australia metropolitan area

Are motorcycles really dangerous?An interesting comparison to other forms of transportation   The degree of excess risk depends on how the statistics are collected, analyzed and interpreted.

National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety – Research and information from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Motorcycle Accident Facts – Florida – Facts obtained from Florida police accident reports

Motorcyclists and Bicyclists Crash Trends – Florida – 1995 through 2004

Evaluation of the Repeal of Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Kentucky and Louisiana

Motorcycle Accident Fatality Facts – New York State – a substantial amount of motorcycle fatality facts, charts and tables concerning New York State.

Motorcycle Accident Facts – Nassau County, New York – Some limited facts about motorcycles used for transportation to work and motorcycle accidents in Nassau County.

Help Fund a New Motorcycle Crash Study – Join the AMA in raising matching funds for a motorcycle accident study.  The HURT report was a long time ago.