Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Trends in Fatal Motorcycle Accidents – NHTSA National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration

Trends in Motorcycle Accidents – NHTSA National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration

Motorcyclist Deaths Surge 10% in 2015

Motorcycle Accident Fatality Facts – a substantial amount of fatal accident facts, charts and tables for all states.  This includes a lot of statistics concerning fatal motorcycle accidents.  Just choose your state.

Motorcyclist Traffic Fatalities by State

HURT Study – Findings from the Hurt Study of Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures

Study of motorcycle crashes – comprised 222 motorcycle crashes occurring on public roads in the Melbourne Australia metropolitan area

Are motorcycles really dangerous? – An interesting comparison to other forms of transportation   The degree of excess risk depends on how the statistics are collected, analyzed and interpreted.

National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety – Research and information from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Motorcycle Accident Facts – Florida [PDF] – Facts obtained from Florida police accident reports

Evaluation of the Repeal of Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Kentucky and Louisiana

Motorcycle Accident Fatality Facts – New York State – a substantial amount of motorcycle fatality facts, charts and tables concerning New York State.

Motorcycle Accident Facts – Nassau County, New York – Some limited facts about motorcycles used for transportation to work and motorcycle accidents in Nassau County.

Help Fund a New Motorcycle Crash Study – Join the AMA in raising matching funds for a motorcycle accident study.  The HURT report was a long time ago.