Motorcycle Safety

Are motorcycles really dangerous?An interesting comparison to other forms of transportation   The degree of excess risk depends on how the statistics are collected, analyzed and interpreted.

Motorcycle Accident Scene and Injury Management

Motorcycle Accident Scene Management

NHTSA Motorcycles

Motorcycle Safety Facts – US DOT NHTSA

Motorcycle Safety Brochure – US DOT NHTSA

What’s New at Motorcycle Safety?NHTSA is continuously working on new events, programs and materials. Keep checking this motorcycle safety Web site for the release of new information.

Comparison of Motorcycle Accident and Fatality Rates between Mandatory Helmet Law States and Voluntary Helmet Use States

National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety

New Zealand Motorcycle Safety Consultants (NZMSC). The NZMSC is a non-profit body working on motorcycle safety and riding skills promotion in New Zealand and internationally via the Internet.

Motorcycle Engineering:

Motorcycle Dynamics – by Prof Vittore Cossalter.  At last a book that truly presents the theory of motorcycle dynamics. This book is a must for all motorcycle engineers, racers and enthusiasts.

Throttle-by-Wire or Drive-by-Wire explained