Car, Motorcycle & Truck Accident Investigation & Reconstruction

Accident Investigation & Reconstruction

  • Police Accident Report Key codes for US states & Canada
  • Crash Reconstruction Basics for Prosecutors – How to evaluate the Police Officer’s accident report of the crash and analysis of energy, speed, momentum, time and more.
  • Human Factors – From determining visibility to human error, reaction time and much more (see the menu at the page bottom)
  • One-dimensional collision
  • Two-dimensional collision
  • Accident Reconstruction Resources – Links to many websites concerning accident reconstruction.
  • Auto Accident Reconstruction – The ARC Network
  • TARO – Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin web site.
  • Articles from SAERelationships Between Pre-Skidding and Pre-Braking Speed.” SAE #2001-01-1281. The accuracy of vehicle pre-braking speed estimates based upon tire/roadway coefficient of friction (drag factor) measurements and skid mark measurements was assessed. Braking tests were performed on three vehicles and a correlation between the calculated pre-skidding speed and the actual pre-braking speed was established. $10.00.”Comprehensive Analysis Method for Vehicle/Pedestrian Collisions.” SAE #2000-01-0846. A comprehensive method for assessing the vehicle impact speed in a vehicle/pedestrian collision was derived. Mathematical models, real-world collision data and staged impact test data were referenced from over sixty studies pertaining to pedestrian collisions. A practical analytical approach for evaluating vehicle impact speed from the post-impact vehicle damage, pedestrian injuries and pedestrian throw distance was developed. $10.00. “Characteristic Vehicular Deceleration for Known Hazards.” SAE #1999-01-0098. The deceleration of motor vehicles during routine stops for expected hazards in the real world environment was quantified. A mathematical model was developed to define deceleration profiles and yield predictive relations for assessment of velocity, position and remaining braking time for decelerating passenger vehicles. $10.00. “Practical Analysis Technique for Quantifying Sideswipe Collisions.” SAE #1999-01-0094. Sideswipe collisions involve the surface of one vehicle sliding along another vehicle or object. A comprehensive analytical approach for evaluating the severity of this type of vehicular collision was developed. Several series of sideswipe collisions were staged to validate the analysis model. $10.00.
  • Nighttime Accident and Crime Scene Photography
  • Lamp Examination – Were they on or off at the time of the collision?


Speed, Stopping Distance & Time of Vehicles in an Accident


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