Train Accidents

HURT911® presents the following selected links (arranged by subject) including railroad crossing safety, railroad safety, train accident reconstruction with information on train accident cause codes, train braking, train stopping distance, train speed and train travel distance and train time to stop, train software and train event data recorders:

Railroad Crossing Safety
Train Accident Reconstruction
Train Accident & Railroad Accident Reconstruction Experts
Railroad Unions
Government Agencies Regulating Railroads
Railroad Health Insurance Carriers

FELA The Federal Employers Liability Act Video


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Railroad Crossing Safety

Operation Life Saver is a nationwide, non-profit public information program dedicated to eliminating collisions, injuries and fatalities at highway-rail grade crossings and on railroad rights-of-way. Through a network of State Coordinators in 49 states (excluding Hawaii), Operation Lifesaver sends nearly 2,500 volunteers into the field to deliver a public safety message.

Railroad Crossing Safety Tips (from Operation Life Saver)

Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis Web Site – Railroad safety information including accidents and incidents, inspections and highway-rail crossing data. From this site users can run dynamic queries, download a variety of safety database files, publications and forms, and view current statistical information on railroad safety.

Low Cost Active Railroad Crossing Signals

Railroad Safety Statistics – on crossing and trespassing incidents from the US Federal Railroad Administration 

Grade Crossing Collision of a Freight Locomotive and Steel Coil

Grade Crossing Collision of a Freight Locomotive with a Log Truck

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Train Accident Reconstruction

Train Accident Cause Codes

Railroad Speed Chart

False Precede Signals Reports and Causes

Train Accident Reconstruction and FELA and Railroad Litigation

Documents for Investigating Railroad Accident Cases (available for a fee).

Analysis of Railroad Crossing Accident Causes – Conrail states: “Nearly two-thirds of all crossing accidents occur during daylight hours. Because two-thirds of all accidents occur at crossings equipped with automatic warning devices, driver inattention is clearly the major cause.”  This article explains why this is untrue, although accurate.

An Introduction to Train Brakes – By John Bentley on the TARO website.

Train Braking software by Train Dynamics, Inc.

Event Data Recorder Regulations

Utilizing Data from Automotive Event Data Recorders – (PDF download) NHTSA

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Train Accident & Railroad Accident Reconstruction Experts

Mainline Rail Management Consulting Service

Railroad Crossings

Railroad Litigation Experts

Human Fatigue & Inattention in Transportation Accidents

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Railroad Unions


American Train Dispatchers

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen

Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division

Brotherhood of Railway Signalmen

International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

National Conference of Firemen and Oilers

Sheet Metal Workers International Association

Transportation and Communications International Union

United Transportation Union

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Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad

CSX Railroad

Norfolk Southern Railroad

Union Pacific Railroad

ATCS Monitor allows you to graphically monitor train traffic on railroads that use the Association of American Railroad’s Advanced Train Control System (ATCS)

Railroad Radio

Railroad Antennas

Amtrak Tracking Maps

Railroad Maps

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Government Agencies Regulating Railroads

Federal Railroad Administration

National Transportation Safety Board

Railroad Retirement Board

US Department of Transportation

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Railroad Health Insurance Carriers

Aetna Health Insurance

Provident Health Insurance

Union Pacific Railroad Employees Health System

United Health Care