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StreetDelivery is the Internet Master Directory of street intersections, driveways, and addresses for general liability, property loss, risk assessment, and vehicle impact services. Quickly access and explore locus details with instant information. Reduce claim cycle times, increase productivity, expedite the decision process, and lessen the amount paid out in indemnity. Next business day turnaround is included in the price. Used mostly by insurance companies, but our personal injury law firm uses them and loves the service!

FIND UNKNOWN EXCESS LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICES!  MedLegal Research Group  – Do you have a case where the value of the injuries exceed the policy limit?  The MedLegal Research Group specializes in tracing defendant’s liability insurance policies. Their specialized investigative service is provided on a no-find no-fee basis to plaintiff’s attorneys nationwide.  This is probably the most important service for your practice.  In fact, once their service becomes widely known, it could be malpractice not to use it.  You can call Justin Clapick there at 1-800-253-9022, tell him you were referred by HURT911.


How to Effectively Use Examinations Under Oath – for insurance claims representatives


General Info

Insurance and Risk Management Terms International Risk Management Institute, Inc.(IRMI).

Glossary of Insurance Coverage Terms – National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Glossary of Insurance Coverage Terms – AM Best

Glossary of Insurance Coverage Terms

ClaimsPages.comThousands of free claims resources for claims professionals.

Depreciation Calculator Depreciation computes the depreciated value of an item, given the item’s age and replacement value..

Minimum Insurance Levels in every state.

Guide to Automobile Insurance

Annual Ranking of Automobile Insurance Company Complaints (NYS)

Filing A Claim Yourself on Your Own Automobile Insurance Policy in NYS


Insurance Company Locators

Insurance Company Claims Filing Telephone Numbers

State Insurance Commissioners Websites and Phone Numbers Find the Department of Insurance for any state.


Types of Coverage

Umbrella PoliciesDo I need one? Umbrella FAQs


Required & Optional Automobile Insurance Coverage Information (NYS)

Auto Insurance Basics What your auto insurance policy terms mean.

No-Fault & MedPay.  Do you need MedPay coverage?

List of No-Fault Insurance States: 


Premiums & Claims

How to Get Your C.L.U.E. Report and Lower Your Premium

How to Lower Your Insurance Premium Bill and Check Your C.L.U.E. Report

Think 3 Times Before You Pay Your Insurance Bill a Day Late!

How Your Credit History Affects Your Auto & Home Insurance Premiums

Difference Between Cancellation and Non-Renewal of Auto Insurance –

Difference Between Cancellation and Non-Renewal of Auto Insurance – Insurance Information Institute

Auto Rate Increases After an Accident How much will my premium increase after an accident?

Protecting Your Insurance Settlement from Your Health Care Provider

OEM Parts Know your rights.

Claim Denied: How to Deal With Health Insurers – by US NEWS & World Report

Unfair Claims Settlement Practices ActHow it can help you.

Insurance Dispute Services  If you’ve ever been denied coverage/payment, access to a specialist or you’ve been turned down for a medical procedure by your health insurance, you need Healthcare Advocates Insurance Disputes Services. Our team of professionals will work on your behalf to help you get the care you require. And if you’re covered by a PPO, traditional indemnity plan, Medicare or MediGap, we’ll also be there for you to handle problems of non-payment, being dropped from your health plan, outstanding charges, bills that were incorrectly sent to you, and charges that should never have been made.  As Seen On: Peter Jennings, CNNfn, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Forbes.


New York State Specific:

NYS Insurance Department

NYS Insurance Fund Workers Compensation & Disability claims

Directory of Insurance Companies Regulated in NYS

DMV Insurance Codes and Company Contacts by Insurance Company Name or Number