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pretrieve – Public record search engine.

ixquick – The World’s Most Powerful Meta Search Engine.  Accepts complex searches, integrates results well, eliminate duplicates, and offer additional features such as intelligent ranking or clustering by subjects within your search results. Results displayed can come from Yahoo!, LookSmart, AOL, and MSN, among other major SE’s.

metacrawler – Meta-search engine that searches a number of places and returns results without the features above. Searches include Google, AltaVista, and LookSmart, in addition to the other major search engine databases.

Search Systems – Find someone who has a license.  Over 13,277 Free Searchable Public Record Databases!

Mail Drop Search FormMany scholarship scams use a mail drop as a return address, disguising the box number as a suite number. A mail drop address alone should not be considered confirmation of a scam, because legitimate firms sometimes use such mail boxes. But the fact of a mail drop address, together with other warning signs, can be a useful indicator of an operation’s questionable legitimacy.  Use this form to search a database of more than 40,000 mailing, shipping, and packaging stores, US Post Offices and other mail drops. You must supply at least the city and state or the zip code

Need to serve a corporation?  Find a Corporate Agent for service of process in all 50 states.

Registry of Former Federal Investigators – Experts from every federal agency available on any forensic subject.

Federal and Industry Standards – Products liability and other lawyers can find information on federal and industry standards at the American National Standards Institute site.

Freedom of Information Kit – Instructions and form letters for a FOIA request.

US & International Military & Intelligence Agency Access

Sabre – Find airline trip information if you know a last name & reservation code

Find a Flight – Track a flight by Airline name and Flight number, or by city & arrival/departure times.

erieri.com/doltrends – salary information for over 3000 different jobs in 4800 U.S. cities.

Salary Wizard – Salary.com’s compensation database, contains salary information on thousands of job titles and calculates salaries based on job title and geographic location.  The Basic Report is free.

IP Address Reverse Search – (ARIN) American Registry for Internet Numbers

Find out the geographical location of an IP Address – Geobytes

American Databank – the premier online provider of public records including criminal, civil, domestic, bankruptcy, and traffic cases.

Political Donation Search – Use the location search on any address to find those who live near that address who have made presidential campaign contributions. You can also search for any person by name.

Cell Phone Text Message Address – Find the URL address for common US and Canadian cell phone providers with instructions on how to send an SMS text message to a cell phone.

Age Calculator – determine someone’s age at the time of death and other age calculations.