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When you have a car accident, you immediately have many pressing issues and a lot of work.  It is not only easier to retain a personal injury lawyer who can do all the work for you, but it is also much safer to hire an attorney immediately after your car accident who can protect your rights.

What exactly are your rights after a car accident?  You may have the right to be reimbursed for many claims, not just one or two, all of which need to be immediately protected.

The most obvious issues that most people immediately think about after a car accident, are who’s going to pay for:

  • Towing charges
  • Storage charges for your car
  • Body shop repair bills to restore your car to its pre-accident condition

But if you have been injured in a car accident, there are many, many complicated forms, issues and questions that you will face which only a personal injury lawyer experienced with car accident cases knows when and how to handle properly.  Anyone who fails to call a personal injury lawyer immediately or tries to take on these issues themselves, will very likely find that they missed critical time deadlines that are often only a period of days.

You may be taken from the scene of your car accident by ambulance to a hospital and find that, within minutes, you’re being asked about your medical insurance.  You may not have medical insurance and wonder what you are going to do now.  If you have medical insurance, you may instinctively give that information to the hospital, but is that the correct insurance company?  You may be unpleasantly surprised to find out later that a different insurance company is responsible for paying medical bills incurred due to a car accident and now your medical insurance company is asking for their money back.

Additionally, you may find that you only have a very short time, as little as 30 days, to file a claim to get your medical bills paid.  Determining which insurance company is responsible for paying your medical bills in a car accident can be a very complicated issue which only an experienced personal injury lawyer is qualified to do.  If a mistake is made in notifying the wrong insurance company, it may be too late to file a claim with the correct insurance company and you can find yourself without medical insurance.

 Following are some of the medical bills which you may incur:

  • Ambulance bill
  • Hospital bill
  • Medical bills
  • Pharmaceutical bills
  • Therapy bills
  • Medical Equipment bills
  • Household help

Within hours after a car accident, you may need to fill out one or more various forms such as:

  • DMV forms
  • Accident forms provided by your insurance company
  • Accident forms provided by the other insurance company
  • Accident forms provided by other insurance companies
  • Uninsured vehicle claim form with a state agency
  • No-fault application form
  • Other medical insurance claim forms
  • State disability application form
  • Worker’s Compensation form
  • Social Security disability

Within hours after your car accident, you may be calling one or more insurance companies to report your car accident claim.  Your telephone conversation will be recorded.  Insurance company claim representatives are trained to ask you specific questions designed to elicit answers which they can use to deny your car accident claim.  Most insurance companies have manuals which tells the people answering the phone exactly what to ask you when you call to report your car accident.

Shortly afterwards, you may receive a telephone call from the insurance claim representative assigned to your car accident claim.  The insurance claim representative who will handle your car accident, will also use their manual to ask the right questions to obtain the information they are looking for.  Again, your telephone conversation will probably be recorded and you may be asked to give a detailed recorded oral statement on the phone.  You may also receive a letter asking for an oral statement under oath, which is given in person with a court reporter present.

Finally, most people seem to be aware that the statute of limitations provides a specific period of time in which to file a lawsuit for the injuries you sustained in your car accident.  After reading this, it should be clear to you why you are warned not to rely on the statute of limitations to provide you with extra time.

Besides the many deadlines mentioned above, there is yet another time critical issue which is far more went to the statute of limitations.  When you are hurt in a car accident, long before the statute of limitations expires, you must put the insurance companies for all negligent parties on notice of your intent to file a claim for the injuries you sustained in your car accident, within a relatively short period of time.  Failure to notify any insurance company of your car accident and claim for injuries, could allow that insurance company to deny insurance coverage.  Since it is extremely rare for a negligent defendant to have the means to pay a judgment, it is extremely important to notify all insurance companies immediately of your claim for injuries in your car accident.

Whether you contact a car accident lawyer at HURT911® or anywhere else, we urge you to contact a car accident attorney  immediately if you have been hurt in a car accident.

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