Legal Research Online

Google Scholar – free legal research. Search Google to find out how to use google scholar for legal research

Judicata – the latest online legal research which claims will outperform WestLaw and Lexis. Review of Judicata on it’s first day. – Online legal research starting at $575/year.

LoisLaw – Online legal research where you can pay for periods as short as one day.

ROSS Intelligence is a legal research platform powered by artificial intelligence for U.S. law.

WestlawNext – the most expensive choice for online legal research.  This is the one we use at my law firm Franckel & Plevy, LLP

NationalLawLibrary – Affordable legal research.  You can pay by the search, as little as $3.

‘Lectric Law Library – lots of legal research with some humor.

Statutes of Limitations For All States – scroll down to the bottom of the page for a chart.

Wrongful Death Caps For All States

Is your state a No-Fault state

Insurance and Risk Management Terms glossary

Rupp’s Insurance Glossary (2nd Edition) – Rupp’s Insurance & Risk Management Glossary is the insurance industry’s authoritative standard and a must for every insurance, business and legal library.

It is Well Settled… – Free Read how Mines Cases for Established Principles

Free legal research at Google Scholar – (click on Case Law and then select Federal courts; your state Courts; or click on Select courts for a lost of courts)

Statutes for all States – at Legal Information Institute Cornell Law School

Statutes in all States – Legal Information Institute Cornell Law School

Municipal Codes in Various States

The Virtual Chase ® – A Research Site for Legal Professionals

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure – Cornell Law School

Federal Rules of Evidence – Cornell Law School

Code of Federal Regulations – Cornell Law School

Federal Cases & Code/Fed Regulations at Justia

Federal Rulemaking – the federal judiciary’s web site on the federal rules of practice, procedure, and evidence. 

Biographical Data on Federal Judges – Find biographical information on judges of U.S. District Courts, U.S. Circuit Courts, U.S. Courts of Appeals, and the Supreme Court, going back to 1789.

University Law Review Project – “virtual law library” – full-text search and retrieval of dozens of leading law journals.

Administrative Codes and Registers – hypertext links, organized by state, to bulletins, journals, registers, and codes.

Shepards citation – to see if a case is still good law (must pay a fee per case or become a subscriber)

Basic Legal Citation – by Peter W. Martin, Cornell Law School.

Lex Machina – Legal Analytics

Ravel – Attorneys rely on Ravel to uncover on-point cases, needles in the haystack and insights about judges.

Casetext – Post commentary on Casetext to reach over 300,000 monthly users and an online community of thousands of lawyers who have already shown interest in your areas of expertise. Search millions of cases and statutes annotated by the legal community, and get updates with the best new legal commentary relevant to you. Exchange – For members only. The Exchange provides services critical to trial practice, including:

  • A network of colleagues ready to share knowledge and experience.
  • Access to other members’ successful complaints, memos, briefs, depositions, and other documents (many of which are often unpublished and unavailable from any other source), giving members a starting point for case acceptance and/or trial preparation.
  • Timely “hot topic” information and awareness of areas for practice and client development.

DepoConnect – The world’s largest on-line deposition bank exclusively for plaintiff lawyers.

The National Crime Victim Bar Association

Medical & Legal Briefs – at the Chemical Injury Information Network

How much is your case worth? Find a Jury Verdict Reporter for your state at NASJVP The National Association of State Jury Verdict Publishers.

Verdict – National Law Journal

Mobile Scanner & Radar-Detector Laws in the US By Todd L. Sherman/KB4MHH

Federal Guidelines for Drunk Driving, Car Crashes, Train Accidents, Etc.- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “Desk Book” for police officers contains federal guidelines on everything from field sobriety testing, breath machines and traffic stops to highway engineering and railroad grade crossing safety. It could potentially be used as evidence as to whether proper standards were met.

Social Security Disability Law – information on cases including news, regulations, forms and guides to specific disabilities.

National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws – information on the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, including the full text of all uniform laws and their current legislative status.