Wrongful Death Caps

The maximum amount recoverable for compensation in a wrongful death law suit (as of the time of this publication)

Alabama NO CAP
Alaska $400,000 or $8,000 X Life Expectancy
Arizona $500,000
Arkansas $400,000
California $250,000
Colorado $341,250
Connecticut Reasonable Expenses Minus Taxable Costs
Delaware NO CAP
District of Columbia NO CAP
Florida $250,000-$350,000
Georgia $250,000
Hawaii $375,000
Idaho $640,776
Illinois NO CAP
Indiana 3X Compensatories or $50,000
Kansas $250,000
Kentucky NO CAP
Louisiana $0-500,000
Maine $75,000-$400,000
Maryland $885,000
Massachusetts $500,000
Michigan $0-280,000
Minnesota NO CAP
Missouri $540,000
Montana $250,000
Nebraska $1.25 Million
Nevada 3X Compensatories or $300,000
New Hampshire $250,000-$875,000
New Jersey 5X Compensatories or $350,000
New Mexico $600,000
New York Only pecuniary losses and pain & suffering from time of injury to death.
North Carolina 3X Compensatories or $250,000
North Dakota $250,000-$500,000
Ohio $200,000
Oklahoma $100,000-$500,000
Oregon $500,000
Pennsylvania 2X Compensatories or $100,000
Rhode Island NO CAP
South Carolina NO CAP
South Dakota $500,000
Tennessee NO CAP
Texas $500,000-1.420 Million
Michigan $0-280,000
Utah $400,000
Vermont NO CAP
Virginia $350,000-$1.5 Million
Washington $0-$10,000
West Virginia NO CAP
Wisconsin $350,000-$500,000
Wyoming NO CAP

The information provided here is believed to have been correct at the time it was written, should be used only as a guide and should be verified before being used to make any legal decision.