Medical Records, Imaging & Illustrations

Medical Record Retrieval

Medical record retrieval companies simplify the retrieval of medical records and reduce the time it takes to obtain copies of medical records. It also reduces your overhead because it replaces your costly staff labor with a billable expense.

ChoiceLegal – retrieve medical records nationwide. They charge a low fee per location instead of per record so you pay one low fee to obtain the medical records, x-ray, CT and MRI images and medical billing from a medical office.
Verscend – retrieve medical records nationwide.
XeBee – retrieve medical records nationwide.
National Record Retrieval – retrieve medical records nationwide.

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Medical Record Chronology and Summary

MRR Health Tech – Medical Records Review has 150 MDs in India who summarize and evaluate medical records. We use MRR and their reports are unbelievable and were the reason we got many insurance companies to pay the policy. It would take us days of work to reproduce what they do. But besides saving time, we could never even attempt to reproduce the technology they provide. MRR charges only $25/hour. Download  samples and see what their medical Summary/Chronology looks like. They provide Medical Chronology and Summary with Bookmarks Hyperlinks/Hotlinks, PDF Sorting & Merging, Med Interpret/Med-A-Word, Missing Records Identification, Medical Narrative Summary, and Settlement Demand Letter.

Medilenz says they use AI technology to assist in the creation of medical chronologies for personal injury attorneys. “Our technology allows us to offer our product at a much lower price than other vendors (we are $28 per hour, as opposed to $35), and also results in increased accuracy.”

DraftnCraft – medical record summary and deposition summary.

Future Medical Cost Projection for Personal Injury

3D Color Video X-Ray, CT and MRI images

Authentic3D Transforms your client’s actual anatomy into 3D color still and video! Authentic3D is an FDA cleared medical software company that translates radiology images (CT, MRI, X-ray) of patient anatomy into actual, convincing and easy-to-understand evidence in 3D for legal professionals seeking to persuade insurance adjusters, attorneys, mediators, arbiters and jurors for maximum case results. One of the benefits of Authentic3D is that they include an affidavit signed by a US board-certified radiologist attesting to the fact that the video is not a rendition but using actual scans.

3D Precision Diagnostics by MediVisuals can produce a video or an interactive digital model which can be rotated and enlarged by the user, uisng the client’s actual anatomy.

Medical Illustrators

Find a Medical Illustrator – for medical illustration and animation at the Association of Medical Illustrators

Custom medical illustrations from Charles Boyter, Certified Medical Illustrator at very reasonable prices. You can call Charles Boyter for a custom medical illustration at 404-874-6233 email: cbmedart (@) I have ordered custom medical illustrations from Charles Boyter and can say they paid for themselves 100x. Using a custom medical illustration from Charles Boyter, Allstate paid a $25,000 policy limit for a fractured fifth finger, before depositions. Illustrations are great for settlement negotiations not just at trial.