Shoes & Insoles

Rockport® – These are the most comfortable and lightweight shoes around.  They even look good.  Rockport® has all sorts of styles including dress shoes to wear with a suit.  They have the only dress shoes I have found that are very comfortable, lightweight and look just as good as my expensive imported uncomfortable dress shoes!  Buy Rockports® and improve them even more!  Take out the insole and replace it with one of the insoles below to further absorb shock.  Tip:  Buy your shoes 1/2 size larger to accommodate the replacement insole.  

Walking/Running Shoes – Good walking shoes or running shoes will absorb shock better than regular shoes.  Wearing walking or running shoes whenever possible will help to reduce the stress and shock to your back.  I tried out a couple of brands and found that asics® was the most shock absorbent of the ones I tried.    When I first tried asics, I purchased the Gel-Kayano which I believe was the top of the line at the time.  Since then, I purchased the Gel-Kinetic  which absorbs even more shock in the heel and now they have the Gel-Kinsei which absorbs more shock in the front.

I take out the removable insoles and replace with one of the insoles below to further absorb shock.  I also wear thick HEAD Power Cushioned Socks sold at Costco.  Tip:  Buy your shoes 1/2 size larger to accommodate the new insoles and thick socks.

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    asics Walking & Running Shoes 


Sorbothane Insoles – I take out the insoles in my shoes and running shoes and put in Sorbothane® insoles.  If I wear sneakers without Sorbothane® insoles, I get tired very quickly and my back starts hurting.  If you have back pain, you have to try these.  If you don’t have back pain, you’ll still be more comfortable with them.  These are the only inner soles that use pure Sorbothane® to absorb as much shock as possible.  What is Sorbothane®? Other inner soles use air which is basically useless when compared to Sorbothane®.  The difference is well worth the extra dollar or two over the price of air cushioned inner soles and you will agree with that every hour of every day!  While other “gel” products offer little, if any, additional cushioning or protection, Sorbothane® provides protection against 94.7% of harmful road shock.  Sorbothane® is the ONLY insole material available that absorbs up to 94.7% of impact shock. Ailments such as Achilles tendinitis, runners knee, shin splints and lower back pain can occur as a result of impact shock.  That’s why doctors, sports medicine specialists and professional trainers widely recommend Sorbothane® as the most effective barrier against impact related injuries.  Sorbothane® insoles come with a complete 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  I tried two of their insoles.  One was a flat solid 100% Sorbothane and I definitely preferred the other which is the one I use, the Sorbothane® Performance Series Ultra Work-Sport™ Insole Tip: I also wear thick socks to help absorb impact, so I buy shoes 1/2 size to 1 size larger to accommodate the thick socks and Sorbothane Insoles®.

Dr Comfort Insoles – I just tried these insoles in my asics® Gel-Kinetic running shoe.  I’m very happy with them and can honestly say you will be too.

Dr. Scholl’s Back Pain Insoles  I tried Dr. Scholl’s Back Pain insoles and they were good.  They are a substantial improvement over the Massaging Gel insoles insoles, however, they do not compare to the Sorbothane® insoles.  I bought them at Walmart.  The Sorbothane® insoles are much better and well worth the extra price.

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles  I bought these for $9.99 and tried them in my Asics sneakers.  They are an improvement over the stock sneaker insoles (which do almost nothing). They do not compare to the Sorbothane® Ultra Work Sport insoles and I returned the Massaging Gel Insoles.