Software for Personal Injury Lawyers

TimeMap  –  I have always wanted software that can easily create a professional looking time line!  I create time lines of medical treatment whenever I mediate or arbitrate a case.  The judges always want to know what treatment was received and when.  In the past I did a timeline on WordPerfect and included it in my mediation and arbitration binders, but I wanted software that made it easier to create and more professional looking.  I also wanted a more professional looking chart that can be used as a large exhibit.  Making timelines on WordPerfect, has been a huge help at mediations and arbitrations.   Now, I can do it easier and better.  Besides, medical treatment history timelines, TimeMap can also be used to create time lines to visualize an accident sequence or case history and more.   TimeMap makes it a cinch to create chronology visuals — the kinds with fact boxes floating over a horizontal time scale.  See also, CaseMap below.  

CaseMap  makes it easy to organize and explore the facts, characters and issues of a case.  CaseMap is integrated with TimeMap so the facts can be instantly charted on a time line.  According to Casesoft, all 93 UNITED STATES ATTORNEYS’ OFFICES ARE STANDARDIZING ON CASEMAP AND TIMEMAP.  The USAO has purchased 15,000 CaseMap/TimeMap license sets.  Many other divisions of the US DOJ have also procured Enterprise Licenses, e.g., the Antitrust Division, the ENRD, and the Tax Division.  Order your free demo of TimeMap today and let me know what you think. 

OBJECTION! The Evidence Games   The incredibly entertaining and seriously educational evidence games for attorneys & the public aspiring to be attorneys, by Transmedia. Although it’s meant for attorneys, it’s easy for non-attorneys to understand and real easy to use.  If you like Court TV, you’ll love OBJECTION! Better trial experience than a trial!! The Objection! series also provides CLE credits for attorneys. There are 4 games available:  1) Objection! simulates a criminal trial. Beverly Hills heiress Sandra Stiff has been murdered and it is your job to keep your client out of the gas chamber by quickly recognizing objectionable questions and the basis for your objection. 2) Civil Objection! Autoneg is the same type of simulation as Objection! but with a civil twist. Your client has been injured in a nasty auto accident and you must use all of your trial skills to get her the best possible jury verdict. 3) Civil Objection! SlipFall is also a civil case where your client can’t seem to go anywhere without slipping, sliding or falling. It’s your job to get her the best possible settlement to ease her pain and suffering. Expert Witness! is also a trial simulation that enhances the quick recognition of objectionable statements, but it mainly focuses on the issues and procedures of expert witness testimony most critical to successful direct and cross examination. These games are fantastic and they will send anyone a FREE version that is also fantastic (after you get hooked, you can buy the full version, which is inexpensive). You act as an attorney and must decide when to object and on what grounds. If you’re wrong (or right), the game will explain the law of evidence on the point. You get graded by giving the right answer and the amount of time you took to answer. If you take too long, the judge starts tapping on his watch. This is a fun, entertaining & educational game for attorneys and especially for all those aspiring attorneys who like to watch The practice or Court TV. BUY IT!

Primal Pictures seal of approval logo Software that specializes in 3-D computer graphics of human anatomy with color graphics that are remarkable for their clarity and precision.  I just received the Interactive Knee which is absolutely amazing.  It shows the knee at various depths in various types of images such as 3d Model Mode; Topic Mode with views for Anatomy, Surgery, Biomechanics & Radiology; and MRI Mode.  There are movies such as one which shows a doctor conducting a McMurray’s test. The view or movie is on the left side of the screen with corresponding text on the subject, on the right. Everything is interactive and changes to correlate with the word you click on. This is a fabulous program for the medical profession or the personal injury attorney. While it would be interesting for a lay person with a knee injury, it is easier to use with a basic understanding of the knee and would require the lay person to spend some time learning. I highly recommend this software.  Disclosure: The Interactive Knee was provided to me at no charge.  The fact that it was given to me without charge should tell you a lot, because I requested it.  If I’m going to ask for something for free, I’ll ask for the best! Primal Pictures, Ltd can be reached at 1-800-716-2475. BUY IT!

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